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Fresh Realm Release: Aggramar PVP!
[Image: hMz0dKk.png]
Project-Azeroth is proud to announce a fresh start: Aggramar PvP.

Aggramar will be a fast progressive high rate realm starting on patch 1.2 with a set timeline.

Featuring multiple changes:

  • Players gain 6x more experience
  • Players share questing items
  • Party experience penalty has been lowered
  • Tier 1 and 2 models will be updated.
  • Bosses will drop two times their total loot
  • World drops for uncommon/rare/epic have been increased
  • Double reputation gain
  • Honor system will be active at patch 1.2
  • Honor RP requirement will be reduced by 30% at patch 1.4
  • Warsong Gulch & Arathi Basin will be released at patch 1.2
  • .go Warsong/Arathi commands to queue battlegrounds from anywhere in the world
  • Alterac Valley will be released in patch 1.5
  • Player kill limit increased from 5 to 10
  • Double loot from gathering materials
  • Double skilling points (two levels instead of one per crafting/gathering action)
  • Dual talent specialization 
  • Soul shards can stack up to 20 times

The reason we think a fresh start is needed is that many players are missing out on a great gameplay experience. 

Project-Azeroth is the place for people that wish to enjoy the nostalgia of the Vanilla World of Warcraft endgame content and we think more players need to experience this!

Multiple tweaks towards the gameplay to optimize the entertainment gained for every second you spend playing. And never before seen features such as Dual Talent Specialization to make the overall gameplay even better.

Aggramar PvP will release the 4th of May 2018 18:00 UTC +2GMT

As for Azeroth (Our 1st Realm), the service will continue to run and we'll keep that realm as a place for multi-boxers to enjoy Vanilla World of Warcraft, with a possibility to take a Community review to move it towards a PVE ruleset at a later date.

That concludes our announcement. We hope to see you all at the launch of Aggramar!

The Project-Azeroth Team.
"with a set timeline." thank you!
No problem! We'll release the exact timeline close to release.

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