We've just recently released our new website and many sections are still under construction. The best way to keep in contact with other players until the release of Project-Azeroth the 22nd of December is by joining us on Discord.

In short, Project-Azeroth is the accelerated Vanilla experience that'll progress through all patches with accelerated experience rates and drop rates. We'll provide a smoother overall leveling experience and apply some quality of life changes to the overall gameplay progression.

Project-Azeroth will have an accelerated and dynamic timeline which means we'll slightly increase the total amount of drops per boss in raids and dungeons to ensure guilds can prepare for the next raid tier. With a dynamic timeline, we'll be keeping a close eye on the progression players are making and will release new content when needed.

We'll provide people with a chance to meet new friends and guilds that might make it to the live Blizzard servers. And give people with full-time jobs and a family to take care of a chance to keep up with the more hardcore player base.