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fresh-start: Aggramar PVP Realm

Fast progressive high-rate realm starting on patch 1.2


  • Players gain 6x more experience
  • Players share questing items
  • Party experience penalty has been lowered


  • Tier 1 & 2 models will be updated
  • Bosses will drop two times their total loot
  • World drops for uncommon/rare/epic have been increased
  • Double reputation gain


  • Honor system will be active at patch 1.2
  • Honor RP requirement will be reduced by 30% at patch 1.4
  • Warsong Gulch & Arathi Basin will be released at patch 1.2
  • .go warsong/arathi commands to queue battlegrounds from anywhere in the world
  • Alterac Valley will be released in patch 1.5
  • Player kill limit increased from 5 to 10


  • Double loot from gathering nodes, skinning and fishing
  • Double skilling points (2 levels instead of one per crafting/gathering action)


  • Dual talent specialization
  • Soul shards can stack up to 20 times

Aggramar PVP Opens 4th of May 2018

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